The Lion King Broadway Musical


2016 Lion King Musical Event

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The circle of life proved most profitable. With worldwide revenues exceeding 6.2 billion dollars, based on the animated film The Lion King musical became the highest grossing in history. But the impressive collection of -premiered show created by Disney on Broadway in 1997 not only took the laurels, but also that of "the most successful title in any medium in entertainment history," according to AP.
During the summer, the musical surpassed the record of 6000 million it had raised Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber, leader of the genre for years. Brand forced the experts extrapolated their success to the movie box office. Thus, it turned out that the stage version of The Lion King takes raised more money than Harry Potter films, The Titanic or Star Wars. Although the comparison with the film is not quite fair-for differences in the time display in the halls and theater seasons and very different costs of their tickets- striking that the highest grossing film in history, Avatar, you have reached that record with just under 2800 million raised worldwide.
"It's hard not to get excited to see the impact that has had the show, '' said Thomas Schumacher, president and producer of Disney Theatrical Productions." Our goal at the beginning of the project was to tell the story of a pure and theatrical way for the public I could feel it in his heart. And until today, that is the experience of the audience watching the show in Madrid, Appleton (Wisconsin), South Africa, Tokyo and Broadway. That we are proud, '' she added the producer of the work, which has music by Elton John and Tim Rice and was seen by over 75 million people worldwide.